The worlds smallest restaurant, 40 minutes from Rome

The worlds smallest restaurant, 40 minutes from Rome

Dining for two. They say three is a crowd, which makes this restaurant which only has a table for two, the perfect dining experience, 40 minutes outside of Rome.

Italy is definitely the most romantic country in the world, and it doesn’t get more romantic than this. Solo per Due, or ‘Just for Two’, is the smallest restaurant in the world, situated in the hills of Lazio. Perfect for the couple who like to dine out, but eat in private and you wouldn’t have to wait too long to be served, but as you can imagine this destination gets booked up.


Nestled in the village of Vacone, guests are welcomed by owner Remo Di Claudio, who allows diners to eat undisturbed but is literally at guests’ beck and call and can be summoned with the ring of a silver bell. Di Claudio says: ‘We have only one table and we take just two people at a time, so there are no queues, no turns, and no waiting.”

The decor is traditional, with chandeliers, candles and an open fire helping to set the romantic tone in the building, which dates back to the 19th Century.

At the end of the evening loved-up guests can write about their experience in the ‘Memory Book’ full of messages from past diners. It’s easy to reach, but if you want transport, it’s Ferrari with leather interior will come and pick you up from Rome. Why not book a tailor made tour of Rome and allow Italys Best to organise the most romantic holiday of your dreams. Whether you would like a meat or fish on the menu, to what background music you would like, and fireworks if you wish. Ideal for a wedding anniversary or a birthday.

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