August 2017

The best 3 churches in Rome

Wandering around Rome, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with a multitude of museums and about a million must see churches. Which is why we have done the work for you, by picking the 3 best Baroque churches. Lets begin with Saint Peters Basilica. Saint Peters BasilicaThe worlds largest basilica housing Bernini’s 1634 bronze Baldacino masterpiece, was designed to overwhelm the viewer [...]

The Roman calendar

Enjoying the month of August? Did you know that Augustus added the month of August to the calendar? There were once ten months of the year. That’s right. The Roman calendar was 10 months, which is 304 days. They ignored the remaining 61 days, which fell in the middle of winter. The months began with March and were named Martius, [...]

July 2017

The Keats Shelley House in Rome

Just beside the Spanish Steps, the Baroque monument that’s on the top of your to do list, is the Keats Shelley Museum. Blink and you will miss it, but it’s definitely worth a visit as one of Rome’s many hidden historic gems. Most tourists don’t realise that the English Romantic Poet John Keats died of tuberculosis in Rome aged 25 [...]

May 2017

April 2017

The Colosseum: An Icon

“The Colosseum: An Icon” A fab new exhibition ‘The Colosseum: An Icon’ opened this week at the Colosseum, on the first floor of the Amphitheatre and runs through to January 2018. Ideal of you are looking for untold stories associated with the monument. Six million tourists a year visit the Colosseum, to marvel at its architectural genius and imagine the gladiators [...]

Nero’s Domus Aurea: The Golden House

Nero’s Golden House: Less is definitely not more when it comes to the Roman domus. A new virtual tour of the Emperor Nero’s Gardens, and access to his golden house has opened in Rome, where tourists are given virtual reality headsets to listen to projected films which guide them with a 3D vision of life as it was during the [...]

March 2017

The worlds smallest restaurant, 40 minutes from Rome

Dining for two. They say three is a crowd, which makes this restaurant which only has a table for two, the perfect dining experience, 40 minutes outside of Rome.Italy is definitely the most romantic country in the world, and it doesn’t get more romantic than this. Solo per Due, or ‘Just for Two’, is the smallest restaurant in the [...]

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Womens Day, or as it’s more commonly called in Italy, la Festa della Donna, where the importance of women is celebrated by the giving and receiving of a beautiful mimosa blossom. Women in Rome and throughout Italy will have free entry to state museums and cultural sites today as part of a nationwide initiative by the Ministry of [...]