The Roman Baths in 3D

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The Roman Baths in 3D

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Did you know that the Baths of Caracalla was the first Italian archaeological site available in 3D. Walk through the Roman world as it once was, thanks to the latest digital technology, which is fast becoming the exciting new way to see the past!

Educational and unique, this is a dynamic way for the entire family to make the most of their Italian adventure, from past to present, where reality meets the virtual world in the heart of the most powerful Empire that ever existed! Book a tailor made tour with Italy’s Best us and witness the 360 degree Trajan Markets and the world’s largest mega stadium, the unbeatable Circus Maximus. What could be better than seeing the Roman Empire in 3D as it comes to life?!

What do we know about the Roman baths?

They were not simply a place for bathing, but also a place for study and for relaxing. The Baths of Caracalla (also known as the Thermae Antonianae) is one of the largest and best preserved examples of an ancient spa complex and was constructed by the Emperor Caracalla in 216 A.D.

Imperial Roman spa centres were lavishly designed with beautiful mosaics, a rectangular floor plan and an entrance to the heart of the building situated at one of four porticos on the north-east face.

Here’s a little Roman bath glossary to ‘brush up’ (no pun intended), before your Roman holiday.

  • Public Baths (thermae)
  • Balnea or balneae – bath buildings
  • Balneator – the “bath-man”
  • Conductor – Bath Manager
  • Caldarium – hot bath room
  • Tepidarium – warm bath room
  • Frigidarium – cold bath room
  • Natatio – open-air bathing pool
  • Apodyteria – changing rooms
  • Palaestrae – gymnasium
  • Alveus – hot bathing pool in the caldarium
  • Calida piscina – large pool, heated independently of the pools in the caldarium
  • Unctorium – “Scraping room”
  • Exedra – Rooms off the palaestra used for relaxation
  • Labrum – splash basin in the caldarium
  • Laconicum – Sweat room
  • Sphaeristerium – Ball-playing court
  • Natatio – Open-air swimming pool
  • Palaestra – exercise yard
  • Piscina – pools
  • Praefurnium – Furnace room
  • Sculponea – Wooden sandals to protect bathers’ feet from the hot floors.
  • Strigiles – Small curved instruments used to scarpe the cleansing oils in the palaestra or the tepidarium.
  • Sudatorium – Humid sweat-bath

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Where? The Baths of Caracalla, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 52

Who? Caracalla, Roman emperor from AD 198 to 21

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