Things we love about Modena

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Things we love about Modena

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Modena is a brilliant weekend city break destination, just south of the Po Valley, in the region of Emilia-Romagna. It is also one of Italy’s renowned gastronomic centres with some of the best ‘un-sung’ secret restaurants, and of course, home to delicious Balsamic Vinegar.

Balsamic Vinegar

The traditional balsamic vinegar (Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale), is made from a reduction of cooked white Trebbiano grape juice, called grape ‘must’, with its well balanced sweet and sour taste, and used as a condiment. It has been produced in Modena and Reggio Emilia since the Middle Ages, and recorded as far back as 1046. The Museum dedicated to Balsamic Vinegar ‘Museo Del Balsamico Tradizionale Spilamberto’ is located in Spilamberto, a few kilometers from Modena, and a great visit. A vinegar tasting is a must, but be warned, you will definitely be wanting to take some back home with you, so leave plenty of room in your suitcase, or have Italy’s Best arrange to have it sent back to you.

One thing’s for sure, you will never be bored in Modena, which has become one of the richest and most socially advanced cities in Italy. It has 48 miles of cycling paths, 16 cinemas, and 25 libraries as well as unique beauty.

Parmigiano Cheese

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Food lovers can visit the farms and see the making of it’s great produce including Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, just 12 minutes from Modena city centre. Why not book our guided tour and experience first hand production of the famous cheese at the cheese factory, which was established in 1967 and accommodates worldwide visitors.

Modena is on the train lines from Milan and Bologna, so can easily be reached from the main Italian cities. The train station is not far from the town centre, so you can also get there on foot, but ideally by car.
Our tour provides a personal driver to take you to all the attractions which means saving bags of time, as you relax in air conditioned luxury.

We know each hour counts while you cram the best bits in, so the zip, zip, zippy zip, ‘woopee’ has to happen and we know just how to get it just right.


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Get to know foods such as ‘tigelle’, which are special breads from this area, eaten with salami or squacquerone (soft cheese).


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If vinegar wasn’t enough to tempt you, a stones throw away from Modena is also the famous Museum Ferrari ‘Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari’ in the nearby village of Maranello, offering the perfect way to discover the fascinating world of the Prancing Horse and retrace the dream from the early days of Ferrari to the present.

The visitor halls in the Maranello Museum, showcase some of the many different cars of which very few examples were built, epitomising the huge technological innovation in the company’s history. The “Ferraristi Forever” expo (the permanent Ferrari Forever exhibition) celebrates the drivers that competed in Ferraris on the world’s tracks and circuits. And, the expo’s ‘Driving with the Stars’ attraction, takes the visitor on a tour of the extraordinary people who have crossed the path of the extraordinary Ferrari story.

In the early months of 2017, visitors can enjoy the Ferrari experience at a special reduced price, whereby their combined ticket covers entry to both Ferrari Museums sited.

Did you know that can also try your hand at being a Ferrari Formula 1 mechanic at their pit-stop tyre change experience? Both Ferrari Museums also have semi-professional simulators to allow visitors to experience driving a real Ferrari F1 car on some of the world’s most famous circuits. You can test your wits with this thrilling experience! It sure sounds like a whole lot of fun, and you can ‘gasp’ at the rarely seen cars which are some of the most spectacular ever built. Not to be missed!


Modena is also the home of Maserati, so if cars are your passion, it would be best to book a full day tour or stay overnight to see all the motor prowess the area has got to offer. No wonder this area is called the land of motors!

In the heart of the Modenese countryside the Panini Family allow you to book a visit to their private collection. This extraordinary collection of twenty cars was personally started by the Maserati brothers and represents the most important stages in Maserati’s history. You can admire famously renowned cars from 1936 to 1958 from this museum, also known as “Collection Umberto Panini”. Fantastico…

Luciano Pavarotti

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Lest we forget, Modena is the home place of the late famous Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, where at the age of nine he began singing with his father in a small local church choir.

Modena is also home to a fantastic Romanesque Cathedral, the Duomo di Modena, which is an important world heritage site, included by UNESCO among the “Wealth of Mankind”. Built in 1099, this incredible building was dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Saint Geminianus, Modena’s patron saint and is also the original burial place of the Saint.

The nativity scenes here have been skillfully sculpted by famous Modenese artists. And, did you know that this was also where Pavarotti’s funeral service took place?

In Modena, you are spoilt for choice with things to see and do, so why not allow us to ensure the best time management by booking you a memorable tour that captures the whole spirit of Modena!

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