Treasure Hunt: Dragons

Treasure Hunt: Dragons

dragon 3 211x300 - Treasure Hunt: Dragons   Dragons of Rome

What better way to explore the maze of Rome, than a treasure hunt. By looking for particular details on different monuments, you will appreciate and rediscover well known buildings in a completely new way. Thus, benefiting from more details that the traditional guidebooks don’t give you.


Fire breathing dragon on the facade of the church of st louis of the french titular 300x200 - Treasure Hunt: Dragons dragon - Treasure Hunt: Dragons Piazza Navona 300x225 - Treasure Hunt: Dragons Piazza Navona Roma   fontana fc04 300x225 - Treasure Hunt: Dragons

Discover the history and legends of Rome’s monuments through its symbols on the different works of art.

What does the Dragon symbol mean?

The Dragon is the Papal coat of arms of Pope Gregory XIII (1572-85)

Where are the Dragons in Rome?

Piazza Navona is one Rome’s most beloved squares, with it’s charming Baroque treasures, Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers and Francesco Borromini’s Church of Saint Agnese in Agone.

Mythological creatures decorate these dramatic fountains, including the Papal coat of arms, the dragon.


1. Saint Peter’s Basilica detail 2. Church of San Luigi in Francesi 3. Fountain detail, Piazza Navona

4. Piazza Navona 5. Fountain of the Four Rivers, one of the stops on the Treasure Hunt Tour.

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