Clotilde Restaurant, exquisite dining in the historical centre

Clotilde Restaurant, exquisite dining in the historical centre

When it comes to avoiding the tourist traps in Rome, just walk a few blocks away from the worlds most beautiful monuments, and eat where the locals do when they want delicious meals.  Our latest find really ticks all the boxes for traditional Roman dishes with a modern twist, made using the latest technologies and cooking techniques. A winning equation? We thought so, and took the Italy’s Best team along to check it out!

A medieval stones throw from Piazza Navona, Ristorante Clotilde is all about the Slow Food movement, and it’s owner restauranteur and sommelier Clemente Quaglia, serves old school Roman staples such as beef stewed with tomatoes, and veal with mint, onion and tomatoes. Head chef Giorgio Baldari sources ingredients of the highest quality and uses renowned local butcher Angelo Feroci. Pasta is as fresh as fresh can be, made in house or from scrummy Pastificio Secondi. Organic tomatoes are from Angelico Travaglini’s award winning farm, truffles from Savini and rice from Zaccaria.

These are a few of the mouthwatering dishes that we want to go back to enjoy all over again:

Battuta di filetto con uovo marinato al sale, scaglie di cacio e caviale di tartufo
Minced raw beef tenderloin served with smoked cheese, marinated egg yolk and truffle

Millefoglie croccante di carciofi e porri con baccalà marinato
Crispy layers of artichokes with marinated raw sea bass

Insalata tiepida di lenticchie nere, con calamaro alla piastra e sbriciolata di taralli
Warm black lentils salad topped with grilled calamari and Apulian crackers crumble

Polpo alla griglia con peperone crusco e patate all’olio di frantoio
Grilled Octopus with charred peppers and potatoes

Ravioli di coda nella sua salsa, con pomodoro, pecorino e sedano croccante
Oxtail ravioli with tomato sauce, pecorino cheese and crunchy celery

Mango mousse


Clotilde, Tradition & Spirits
piazza Cardelli, 5/A , 5/B – 00187 Roma


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