Eco friendly electric scooters for sustainable tourism in Rome

Eco friendly electric scooters for sustainable tourism in Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

As of April 2017, it has been made possible to hire electric scooters, specially available for tourists, under a new scheme announced by Rome city council, to encourage transport options to travellers and let them explore the city ‘Roman Holiday’ style.

A fleet of 240 electric scooters, that have zero emissions, for an eco friendly comfortable alternative to having to hire taxis to get across the city to see the hot spots, can be hired for 24 cents a minute.

To be able to use the service when planning your trip to Rome, you need to register by downloading the eCooltra app and setting up a profile. Then, all you have to do is simply locate the nearest available vehicle to book, and drive off.


Vespa Tour of Rome

It’s great to walk and really get to see everything there is to see in the city, but for those that feel confident enough to try out driving themselves, it’s an alternative to reach some of the hillier places in the heat than on foot, which of course saves precious time on your vacation.






Here’s how it works!

Download the app.

Book– Locate the nearest scooter in the app to where you are and click ‘Book’, then collect.

Drive– Press start, and put on one of the available helmets you get when you collect your scooter. Start the scooter with the ‘start’/’stop’ button.

Finish-Park the scooter and store the helmets for the next person, press the ‘finish’ button.

Insurance– You are always automatically insured by the service.

Safety– Each scooter has two helmets size medium and large.

Battery– The battery is always readily charged.

Phone– The bikes have 2 USB ports to charge your mobile phones during your trip.


This service is available around europe, but a new addition to Rome. Just let them know via the app where you are to book, and there are special parking zones for use. You can use the service to get simply to where you want to be, and park up and log out.

Why not whizz by the best locations used in the classic 1953 movie Roman Holiday. Read more about it here!


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