Gladiator school in Rome

Gladiator school in Rome

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Meet the Gladiators of Ancient Rome at the Gladiator School

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Bring Rome to life, with the Gladiator Training Day, fun for kids, and just as much fun for the adults to watch and take photos, before taking home your very own Gladiator training certificate.

Learn the moves with the official choreographer who stages Roman battle re enactments for film, theatre and TV in Italy.

You can learn about ancient Roman history and have fun, whilst your personal gladiator instructor teaches you how to fight with Roman weapons.

Each session (about two hours) includes an introduction to Roman History, inside the school’s museum.

Brilliant if you want:

Team interaction and sport skills.

You want to surprise your children with an educational, adventurous day out in Rome.

Book an Italy’s Best Gladiator School Tour. Learn sword skills, don a typical Roman tunic and let the games begin.

Obstacle course, learn knife skills, weapons that the gladiators used in the Colosseum, and discover the technical names of the moves and weapons.


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