Cinque Terre: The Jewel of the Italian Riviera

During this Cinque Terre day trip from Florence you will visit some of its most spectacular villages and enjoy a lunch of local specialties.


  • Day trip to Cinque Terre visiting the towns Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza and Corniglia
  • Start at Riomaggiore, strolling along the ‘Lovers Walk’ famous for its romantic views
  • Continue to Manarola, admiring its myriad of alleys and pretty pastel squares
  • Take the public boat to Vernazza, a natural harbor characterized by colorful houses and squares overlooking the sea
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch of local specialties and good wine
  • Visit Corniglia from where you can admire all other four towns of Cinque Terre (if time)


Cinque Terre Day Trip from Florence

Cinque Terre is the ideal excursion for travelers who want to experience the most picturesque and unspoiled side of Italy. Cinque Terre (meaning, the ‘five lands’) is the jewel of the Italian Riviera protected by UNESCO since 1997. It consists of five quaint fishing villages overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This Cinque Terre excursion from Florence will allow you to take in the magnificent villages in style. Due to being built on terraces on steep cliffs, Cinque Terre has one of the most dramatic coastal sceneries in the world, making it an absolute must-see while in Italy. Enjoy this Cinque Terre day trip with Italy’s Best private tours.