A Roman Pasta Tradition: Gnocchi Thursdays

A Roman Pasta Tradition: Gnocchi Thursdays

A gnocchi Thursday in Rome!

Gnocchi Giovedi, or Gnocchi Thursday is a tradition in Rome where many restaurants make house made potato gnocchi that are served throughout the course of the day. No, these are not Gnocchi alla Romana which are something different….those gnocchi are a little softer and made with semolina, not potatoes. Regardless, the still-standing custom with unknown origins has continued for years and we partake in it ourselves every Thursday.

Gnocchi isn’t easy to make ..it’s tedious in fact, but tremendous fun. Unless you have the guidance of an Italian grandmother, you might find yourself polishing the recipe several times until you get it right. Don’t worry! It’s normal. If you’re planning to visit Italy and are up for the challenge of honing your gnocchi talent, contact Luca and Lorenzo: info@italysbestrome.com. Italy’s Best offers several cooking and pasta-making classes, and we can tailor one to your particular needs. The classes are challenging and entertaining, and under the tutelage of expert, you’ll be churning out these soft, pillowy potato delights quicker than you can say pomodoro!



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