The Rome Carriage Museum

IMG 3710 1140x445 - The Rome Carriage Museum

The Rome Carriage Museum

IMG 3710 445x296 - The Rome Carriage Museum

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Museo Delle Carrozze D’Epoca:
The Horse Drawn Carriage Museum

Want to see the original charriots used in the Films Ben Hur and The Gladiator? The Rome Horse Drawn Carriage Museum displays 159 old carriages, which are part of a collection of 600 collected over a 50 year period and on show within a 3000 square foot space.

There is even the wagon used in the the John Wayne film The Outsider. Certainly something for the kids to tell their friends when they get home, but just as likely to get the parents excited!

This historical and educational day out, displays every type of orignal vintage carriage, from Stagecoaches, Chariots, Sleds, Rickshaws, Wagons, Coupés, Omnibuses, Asian Carriages, Napoleonic Carriages, Caravans, even an Italian Fire Engine, as well as saddles, Harnesses and Trappings, to complete the story of early service transportation.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s just about everything else you can think of too that goes with it, such as armour, weapons and helmets, old toys and and scale models which have been copied over the years. Truly a fun day out, and a good option for when the heat gets too much outside.

Why not request a tailor made tour and allow us to book this museum as part of your perfect bespoke Rome experience.

Address: Via Andrea Millevoi 693

Hours: 9am–1pm and 3–6pm

Phone:+39 06 5195 8112

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